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Seth Merten serves a refreshing glass of Boba Lit Tea to a customer at the Freeburg Arts & Craft show, Saturday, October 16.
Photo by Charlene Corson Selbee

Celebrate Caledonia’s newest business, Warrior Nutrition, on Saturday, October 30, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. for their grand opening celebration.

Nineteen-year-old business owner, bodybuilder, and nutrition coach, Seth Merten, moved to La Crosse, Wis., from Lafayette, Ind., three years ago when he was 16 and training for his first bodybuilding exhibition. Merten stated, “I had no idea what I was doing. I was working at this one gym and this guy, Ben Lasche, saw my work ethic. Lasche happened to be in bodybuilding for over 20 years, and took me under his wing and helped me win my first show.”

Lasche started Impact Nutrition, a nutrition club in La Cresent, three years ago, and Merton worked for him. The seasoned bodybuilder and business owner saw that Merton was doing such a good job he asked him to take it over. So now Merton is starting a nutrition club in Caledonia on his own.

Merten explains on the Warrior Nutrition Facebook page, “We are a healthy energy bar that provides the community with healthy and energizing drinks and options! And boba!”

The new club, no membership required, is located at 121 South Marshall Street, one block off the main street in downtown Caledonia.

After Merten received a key to the front door, he got to work tearing out the walls and false ceiling, repainting the entire space, installing new flooring, wiring, and plumbing, and building the 8’ x 20’ bar. Residents and friends have stepped in and helped the young entrepreneur.

Once the finishing touches are added to the bar and the space is decorated with a couch, rug, coffee table, and a couple of bean bag chairs, Merten predicts that customers will come in for hours to relax and talk.

“The club is a place to hang out and relax for any age,” emphasized the young businessperson. Moreover, Merten wants to get to know people.

The nutrition clubs, a division of Herbalife, have been around for about 10 years. There are over 75,000 clubs around the world, three times more than Starbucks.

Mentor Ben Lasche and 19-year-old Seth Merten, business owner, stand by the almost finished 8’ X 20’ nutrition bar at Warrior Nutrition.
Photo by Charlene Corson Selbee

Chris Morris, chief innovation officer and sr. vice president, Distributor Experience, Herbalife Nutrition stated, “A Nutrition Club is a location where customers are invited to enjoy good nutrition and benefit from a network of support.”

According to “Nutrition Clubs: Social Support Driving Innovation – I Am Herbalife Nutrition,” “Suddenly, people were more committed to their weight loss journey; they stuck to their wellness routine for longer periods and were enthusiastic about it. This all had to do with one crucial element: social support. Several studies show that strong social ties are linked with better health habits. Trying to lead a healthy, active lifestyle can be hard because good habits are tough to establish. However, having a community around you for support, guidance and encouragement can make a big difference.”

Overall, Nutrition Clubs offer a supportive network, bringing people together who have similar wellness goals and creating a friendly, social environment.

Caledonia’s newest business, Warrior Nutrition, 121 South Marshall Street.
Photo by Charlene Corson Selbee

What’s on the menu?  Boba Lit Tea is a tea that tastes like juice that provides energy, clarity, focus, and no crash. The club will feature new flavors every day. Like Summer Sunrise, Raspberry Candy, Cherry Pom Blast, or Siesta Sunrise.

The club also offers kids boba teas which are caffeine-free, full of flavor, and boba. Merten mentioned that boba adds fun and flavor. “It reminds me of a gusher (candy).” Some of the boba flavors are pomegranate, kiwi, and yogurt.

Customers can enjoy chai latte, served hot or poured over ice.

There are also coffee options, Dejá Brew, or their regular Mocha & House Blend protein iced coffee.

Try the Pink Drink, a popular drink. Merten mentioned, “As popular is the meal replacement shakes that taste like ice cream which is low in sugar and carbs and tastes like your favorite dessert. Loved by all ages.” Favorite flavors include Snickerdoodle, Fat Elvis, and Turtle Cheesecake.

The other side of the business is coaching. Merton will be offering coaching sessions as well and setting health goals. He wants to get to know his customers and help them build a healthy lifestyle.

Call or text Merten at (765) 404-0072. He promptly replies. Visit his website at and make sure to follow Caledonia’s newest business on Facebook at @warrior_nutrition_mn.

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