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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – For this week’s New In Amarillo the owner of a nutrition business tells us what makes her infrared and holistic process so healing for those who are looking to feel better, physically and mentally.

Opal Nutrition has just opened their doors in Wolflin Pointe located at 2921 I-40 Suite 1200 in Amarillo.

A certified functional Nutrition Counselor at Opal Nutrition spoke about the benefits of infrared therapy.

“This particular sauna has near, mid, and far infrared wavelengths. So it has the ability to increase blood circulation, which will help with weight loss,” said Ashleigh Archer. “It helps with your immune system, it boosts your immune system, cellular regeneration and it’s good for skin purification.”

Archer says multiple studies conducted by infrared sauna producer “sunlighten” shows it is extremely beneficial to decrease inflammation.

She also takes her clients through an approach based on nutrition, lifestyle and overall health.

Archer has multiple packages to find the right individual path to get them functioning and healing at an optimal level, physically and emotionally.

“You can have the lights, you can have the radio going or just sit in silence. It is a very gentle warmth. Which is different than a lot of other saunas that use external heat and have to get you up to temperature of 145 to 155, which can be uncomfortable for some people,” said Archer.

Opal Nutrition also offers an array of wellness products, those can be ordered online or in-store.

“The delivery system these particular supplements offer, make the product more highly available in our body. Although, a lot of the over the counter supplements by the time it hits your small intestine there’s really nothing left, so you’re really not getting the benefit,” said Archer.

Archer mentions that the majority of her clientele are mom’s who go to Opal Nutrition to rejuvenate and restore holistically.

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